Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We'll always have spring in Boston

 They always say it’s springtime in Paris to dream of, but the arrival of the sun in Boston is pretty spectacular too. In the Boston Gardens, tulips reign supreme:

Every space unoccupied by stone or metal is awash in new green and fluttering colors. Boston is a city that respects and guards it’s green-space and does not skimp on showcasing it in the Gardens, the Commons, the Emerald necklace, and along sidewalks and down medians throughout downtown. The flowering trees rain petals softly over passersby:

And finally, amongst the noise and the traffic, the trains and the rushing urbanity of it all, comes the wildlife:

Bunnies may not count as big game to anyone, but the rabbits and the squirrels, the fearless raccoons and the rare bear keeps nature in Boston just in case us people start to think we’ve got it sorted.

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