Monday, August 5, 2013


I didn't set out to buy a juicer this weekend. I had wanted a juicer for months - years, even - but they were always too expensive or the size of a small family car.

But then, Mom gave me several thousand coupons and this Cuisinart compact beauty revealed itself to me.

I may never eat solid foods again.

The adventure began with the utmost goal of recreating my favorite beverage from a local bookstore / cafe.

Apple Ginger Seltzer 

 And a 'Green Monster', modeled by my assistant

A bunch of green grapes
Handful or two spinach
2 apples

Then a little bevy I like to call 'cleaning out the fridge'

5 carrots
large chunk of ginger
7-8 green grapes 
1 apple

A little fresh juice makes justifying dessert that much easier...

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