Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sochi Olympics and Rainbows

The Olympics have begun and you may be excited or upset, or upset about being excited or just plan excited to be upset. Regardless, the wifey-poo loves the Olympics. The opening ceremony hadn't even happened and every conversation was peppered with 'Ohhh I love rhythmic gymnastics!' "Oh ice dancing is so great" or "I can't wait for ski jumping / half pipe / bobsled / skeleton / that ski and shoot event, whatever it's called'. She marvels whilst I sit near by, muttering 'fascist' under my breath or yelling about chauvinistic commentators

But since I am to be widowed by the aforementioned international spectacular every two years for the rest of my life, I have to make the best of it and what better to make than cake. 

Rainbow cake, of course.

After an afternoon of scholarship application reading, I thought I'd stick with the Better Homes and Garden's (red and white checked bible) 'Busy-Day Cake' that promised to be simple and tasty. And I had seen numerous 'rainbow' baked goods techniques on pinterest, so I was set.

So it goes...

Old school

My favorite part

I have always loved using food coloring. It's like magic! Some of the joy was deadened by my constant fear for my butcher block counters, but I persevered to this:

Time to pour! (Do I have six spatulas? I better, because I am not washing in between.)
ROY G BIV! (There's a British memory aid for this order, but I've forgotten. Back to that when my hands are dripping electric yellow foodgrade dye).

Not far into the assemblage, I had several thoughts:

1) Oh shit, is this not really an 8 inch pan? Is this 9 inches? Didn't I just measure this last week? IT'S SO LITTLE.
2) My orange isn't very orange. Rather, it's 'Barbie doll flesh tone'. Gross.
3) I guess if this goes terrible, I can submit it to 'Pinstosity'

But I continued on, because regardless of how ugly it looked, it'd still be edible...as long as I managed to not incinerate it in the meantime.

So I poured on and on, trying not to get too excited...though I did have to remeasure (definitely 8 inches! OMG You're right for once).

Then I decided to shake the pan to spread out the batter. It was one of those decisions where you know this will be a major turning point in your life. 


Didn't eff it up completely! Finally finished and into the oven. *wipes brow*

Probably should have swirled it, but after all that work, couldn't be bothered

And ta-DA!

Okay, not so impressive from that angle, but I was just so surprised it didn't get really dark and brownish. Proper decorations were needed to really bring it up to Opening Ceremonies standards.

My rings worked the first time

Profile shot
Remember, love is love. Don't let the Russians / Muggles / bitches get you down. Do you and if all else fails, eat cake. 

...Just realized the red blurry thing in the upper left hand corner is the sprinkle shaker caught in the act!

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