Thursday, September 6, 2012

27 Things I learned by 27

Today is my 27th birthday, I am officially in my late 20s. Since college graduation five light years ago, I've moved to Boston, got a M.A., got engaged, bought a condo, got married, and the list goes on and on. I am more settled in a lot of ways than my friends but I am still dreaming of other places, paths, and goals. And so...

27 Things I Learned in 27 Years

1. College may have been great or it may have been terrible, but it's over. Be grateful and move on.
2. You can no longer party like you could in college, no matter how hard you try.
3. Money (or lack thereof) dictates a lot. Live within your means, save something, think ahead.
4. Of course, don't let finances take you away from the things you love. Think outside the box.
5. Travel. Before you have kids and a dog or senior family members. It doesn't matter where, just go.
6. "I regret reading so many books" said no one ever. READ.
7. Keep learning. A class in beer brewing totally counts.
8.  Hydrate well, it can be the difference between feeling good and feeling terrible.
9. Please don't drink soda. Or at least try to drink less of it. It's not worth it. (Beer is an acceptable substitute).

10. Establish routines that are all your own. Revel in your independence. Enjoy being free.
11. Love comes to you when you least expect it. Cliche but true. Be open to the universe.
12. It's okay to be single now. It's okay to be married now. You are the master of your life, don't allow other people's definitions of relationships bring you down.
13. Wear sunscreen (Remember this?) You'll be glad you did.
14. People change and friendships with them. Try to keep in touch with the people that make you happy.
15. You may  hate your job / field / career path now, but try to make it work. And if it doesn't work, change.
16. You cannot make anyone happy. That's for them to do. Don't despair over what isn't your failing.
17. Inversely, no one can make you happy but yourself. Choose happiness everyday.
18. Pick your caffeine weapon of choice. You will need it more and more.

19. Buy things that are beautiful and useful. And sometimes that means they will be expensive.
20. Money matters but it's not everything. You can always make more.
21. It's easier to find a job when you have one.
22. Never underestimate the power of a good blazer. It's like my office armor.
23. Take more walks. It can be the start to a great adventure.
24. Challenge yourself, but not in the "power hour" type of challenge.
25.  Do something ridiculous and don't regret it. (Unless it gets you arrested).
26. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
27. Make all the years 'the best years of your life'

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