Tuesday, September 11, 2012

City Series Boston: Codzilla

Boston is city with something for everyone. We've got history and art, sports and more sports, shopping and fine dining, wine and beer, mountains and ocean...the list goes on. If you get bored here, it's your own fault.

Living here for over three years, we never run out of things to do or see but we save up the really special things to try with visitors. So for my 27th birthday, with parents and brother & girlfriend in tow, we braved 'Codzilla":

A high power speed boat that careens you across Boston harbor, Codzilla is a thrill ride worthy of a family outing.  You get the typical theatrics of an amusement ride combined with 40 mile a hour jet boating complete with J turns and complete and utter soaking. Gentle enough for sturdy children and exciting enough for the rest of us, Codzilla is one of those 'one of a kind' Boston attractions that is sure to impress visitors and locals alike.  

 High speed pleasure cruising is always a good way to ring in my late 20's!

Aftermath (we're wetter than we look)

Check out a video of Codzilla in action here .

***City Series - interesting attractions and entertaining things to do in the cities I love: Boston, Montreal, NYC, Amsterdam, etc.

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