Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's Autumn: Break out the boots!

I do not spend a lot of money on clothing. My favorite stores are (and have been for years) Forever 21 and H&M. My whole wardrobe, work, play, and otherwise consists almost entirely of pieces from these two fine merchants and some other bits from T.J. Maxx. And yes, you can create work-appropriate outfits from Forever...I am mistaken for a student regularly enough anyways, so what's it matter?

I tend to save my money on copious trips to everywhere. But the exception makes the rule, as they say. When it comes to shoes, I have no luck finding anything that fits comfortably and is work/dress appropriate. I am even willing to pay a little (just a little) more for decent shoes but my limit is still pretty low. They are just shoes, right?

These are the beauties that proved me wrong:

It's makes the impending winter seem that bit less terrible
 I saw these gorgeous creations at Macy's last fall and for once risked trying on something that was priced well above my typical limit. Over $200 dollars but they were leather! And Italian-y! And so incredibly gorgeous. Macy's didn't have my size and I considered it a sign from the universe...until I realized amazon carried these babies for $40 bucks less. After throwing all my amazon rewards points at them, they were mine. 
We've got a crest!

And with an upcoming Bachelorette party this weekend, it's time to break them out for the season again. While I continue to wear nine dollar skinny jeans from Forever 21, I'm pretty pleased about this pricey exception.

Vince Camuto
Two-tone riding boots, Fall 2011

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