Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Love you Take

Today is a holiday that inspires a multitude of emotion from people – and I am not talking about the lovey-dovey kind. Many people despise Valentine’s Day and the commercialism of it, the peer pressure to proclaim your feelings from the mountain tops. And with the shops bringing out the red and pink earlier each year, it’s easy to avert your eyes from all its overpriced mainstream glory and focus on the coming of February 15th.

A Valentine’s years ago while I was in college, I got more gifts and cards than any year before. The only thing different about this year from the ones before is that I was single for the first time in five years and away at university for my Freshman year. I received candy and trinkets from my parents and my Memere; my next door neighbor sent me a dozen cookies. My aunt sent pink accessories. Without a ‘special someone’ in the traditional sense, love poured from many ordinary sources often overlooked by Hallmark or Cadbury. My first year at college was terribly hard and it was the ordinary love of the people around me that helped me get through and actually go back the following year.

Today I will celebrate my first Valentine’s Day as a married woman (gasp). We decided not to do presents and we only made the decision to go out tonight in the last few days, because for us every day is a day to appreciate the love we have. But I always consider Valentine’s Day a reminder to treasure and share the love I have all around me. Your friends and parents, siblings and coworkers, anyone who is special to you deserves to be remembered and appreciated, so let today be the day. It doesn't have to be a big gesture; send a card, bring someone chocolate, or simply text someone and wish them a great day.  Because in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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