Friday, March 1, 2013

Touristing in your own Town: A Boston Tea Party

We often play tourist in our own city and scope out the sights. If you can’t go on an actual vacation, a ‘staycation’ has to be the next best thing. And it distracts from the threat of even more snow…

The Boston Tea Party Museum
The Boston Tea Party Museum in the newest museum in town. Consisting of a barge-like main building and two replica 18th century trans-Atlantic ships, the BTPM sits not far from the actual location of the Boston Tea Party rebellion in 1773.

Tours are every hour and are led by costumed actors, which is pretty common around these parts. I see colonial generals at least twice a week. However, the BTP staff are in character at all time and give participants their own characters to get in on the fun. From the Old South Meeting House into the cargo hold of the ship, there is whooping and stomping galore.  The climax of the event is definitely throwing the tea crates into the harbor – which you can time and time again thanks to tethers.

My historic profile: violent mob boss. The guide picked this especially for me

The tour finishes in Abigail’s tea room where you can sample teas from the colonial era and buy snacks. It’s a lovely little space offering an afternoon tea option, but it wasn't open when were there.

On deck, ready to destroy British goods!

In need of lunch we continued the tourist crawl at Quincy Market. This shopping / eating complex has been a market location for centuries and boasts lovely stone buildings, a newly renovated historical center, and a lot of food and goodies. We were totally focused on food and skipped all the shops to head straight toward a New England classic: clam strips.  After delicious clam strips we wandered off to find tea and cupcakes before heading home to consume large amounts of British television. If that isn’t a vacation day, what is?


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