Thursday, March 14, 2013

The March Blues

Winter lasts at least six months of the year in New England. Sometimes it seems like it never actually ends but just goes into hiding only to reappear as soon as your hopes are high. As spring approaches, the worst is the constant tease of warmer weather; we get a foot of a snow and then it’s 50 degrees the next day, then it’s freezing rain and back to the high 40s and sunny. You keep getting your hopes up, only to have them dashed on the cold hard ground and no one knows what to wear (Rain boots? Winter boots? Rain slicker? Down jacket? Both?)

You know the spring is coming but by early March when the snow is still falling regularly, it gets pretty depressing. And the March Blues have definitely taken up full time residence around these parts. Short of relocating, all I can do is keep the blues at bay by any means necessary.

Make cookies

Or cake. Or anything tasty. We recently discovered the wonderment that is “The Great British Bake Off” and have now begun our own baking competition that consists of our own good sense against our own lacking skills. But every so often something comes out beautifully – or at least very tasty - and one just feels so accomplished. Baking aside, coming home after a shitty day and cooking a beautiful meal often salvages the day. Or just go out and let someone else cook for you.

Okay, so I bought it not made it.
Schedule a dream vacation (or at least create an inspiration board about it)

When things aren't going well, it’s important to remember things will change eventually. Even better is to start making exciting plans to look forward to. Pick a weekend to meet up with friends or schedule a mini trip away. Better yet, plan a big summer adventure that you can research and dream about straight through the spring rains. Comparing beaches and resort menus is the best use of your lunch break - besides eating cookies.

Bermuda, Horseshoe Bay
Escape mentally

A good book transports you to another time and place and let’s you be someone different for a few hours. A well-crafted movie or show can do the same with striking images and soaring music. It seems simple enough to turn on the tv or pick up a book, but to truly immerse yourself - put down the smartphone, stop reading the mail, and finish the chores first - into a piece can relax your mind and give you a bit of peace. Pretending you are somewhere - or someone - else for an evening might just distract you from the dreary reality outside your door.

You know you always wanted to be a wizard, admit it
March will come and go and spring will arrive. In the meantime you might as well enjoy yourself, mother nature be damned!

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