Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Anniversary Tea: Upstairs on the Square

In our of our first wedding anniversary (!) we headed across the river to Upstairs on the Square for afternoon tea. We have been to almost every afternoon tea offered in Boston, Upstairs completing our tour.

I have heard a lot of talk about Upstairs; it is a relatively long-standing establishment in Harvard Square and often classed with the fancy places in the student-heavy area. The building inside was a quirky reno of a classical old world mansion, complete with super high ceilings and a giant mantelpiece...and pink zebra hide.

 Our table seemed like an afterthought, shoved in between the sun room and a large couch-like booth seating area but we had good sunlight and a - very - attentive server.

The tea was high quality with plentiful hot water refills and the food assortment was original without being ridiculous. Upstairs definitely understands pastry from the choix puffs to the quiche shell, it was all delectable. Treats and tea and my lady friend always equal a good time!

Upstairs on the Square provided excellent food but may have overlooked the essence of Afternoon tea. Tea in the U.S. is a luxury, a treat, a way to celebrate  - wedding showers, baby showers, birthdays are all rather common tea events - and deserves ceremony. Our server was very nice and infinitely attentive, but otherwise she filled our water glasses and brought us our food. I like a little introduction to my food assortment, maybe my first cup of tea poured on my behalf, perhaps some fancy china. Tea for me is all about the details and there were a lot more that could have been fleshed out to turn a very nice tea into one for the record books.

Mini things: it'll get you every time
365 plus days of wedded bliss - what more could one ask for? Tea was lovely and I couldn't ask for a better companion to share it with. We finished off the day’s celebrations with a lovely bottle of champagne.

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