Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bermudian Paradise

Bermuda is the perfect mix of beautiful beaches, interesting attractions, and luxurious shopping, dining, and resorts. Here you don’t need to choose between going to the beach or to a cultural destination; Bermuda has both.

The pink sand will draw you in and the warm turquoise waters will keep you coming back for more. Beaches are well marked on local tourist maps and you can just ask the local bus driver when you embark which stop is nearest to your sandy destination.

Horseshoe Bay...I shall stay forever.

Horseshoe Bay is by far the most popular / talked about beach and for once it is actually worth the trip. It is wide sweeping bay bordered by rock formations and coves. Since this is not the land of the free and the brave, you can climb rocks, explore caves, and go pretty much anywhere you choose to risk - there’s no fences or ‘stay off’ signs here. However, lifeguards are plentiful, friendly, and constantly keeping an eye out for any trouble.

It is so easy to get to the beaches, pick one off the map and leave behind the cruise ship day trippers. Elbow Bay is only a short distance from from Horseshoe Bay but much quieter and less populated. Exploring beaches is tough, but someone has to do it.

The colors, Duke!
When you’re looking for some history or culture (or you've just gotten too sunburned) take the bus or ferry to St. George’s, the oldest continuously inhabited British town in the New World, founded in 1612. Beautifully preserved buildings are the centerpiece to an active, living city - it may seem pristine, but St. George’s is no open air museum. The main square around Town Hall is filled with restaurants, shops, and visitor center / tourist information outposts.

St. George's

One of the more unique attractions in St. George’s in the Lili Bermuda Perfumery. Crafting fragrances in the French tradition using local scents and inspiration, the Bermuda Perfumery company offers free information tours, a  beautiful shop area, and even afternoon tea in a historic business. Perfume is one of my favorite souvenirs - the scent always brings back vacation memories.

Culture, history, and pink sand beaches; what more could one want? Bermuda has it all!

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