Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Autumnal Wedding Celebrations

This is the most beautiful fall I've seen in New England in years. 

Thankfully, since my little brother got married last weekend. We decorated accordingly.

Did some skeet shooting (it's the country). The wedding party arranged:

Oh yes, that's me. I hate being a joiner.

The weather was holding strong through the rehearsal, if a bit overcast

Hats add to all occasions.

An accurate representation of my life in a picture

There were farm animals at the venue!

The night before the big event, we continued the country celebrations...

The big day arrived with only a few early sprinkles of rain.

The scene was set. The wedding party was in order. 

The syrup was ready. You know, just in case you have an emergency syrup need.

...and the magic happened.

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