Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Nights, Christmas Lights

Since we spend Christmas Eve and Day at my parent's house in and then this year are heading immediately to England (!), A and I always celebrate our own Christmas one weekend before December 25th. This year we headed to brunch at one of my favorite places in Boston: Kitchen.

Kitchen brings to life dishes and recipes from throughout time - all the meals have dates of origin next to them on the menu, dating all the way back to a 17th century 'sallet' (salad). I love the historical aspect, the old cookbooks and records that make up the decor of the small South End locale, but I most of all love the doughnuts:

But really

I don't even really like doughnuts as rule (cider doughnuts be an exception) but these little pillows of cinnamon-y sugar goodness are heavenly. They are both a brunch starter and a dessert; they actually appear on the brunch menu twice. They are perfection in a little warm cakey bite, completed by the berry jam and vanilla sauce. 

LOOK at that

During brunch hours, complimentary homemade warm from the oven muffins are also served. 

A broken muffin still remembers it's true strength

The evening carb offering is homemade pretzel rolls. They may sound simple, but they are worth the trip. Really, if one went to Kitchen and had nothing by a cocktail and the doughnuts or pretzel rolls, one could be sated...until the call of the carbohydrate rises again...

After I stopped crying my tears of joy over the doughnuts, April had some beautiful oysters on a half shell that I did not partake in and thus forgot to photograph, but then the (other) piece d'resistance: lobster grits.

Lobster grits may sound simple, but that is the magic of Kitchen: they take beautiful, high quality ingredients and make them live up to their tastiest level. 

Extreme lobster close up

Lobster grits half-consumed and the rest happily packed up, we wandered in the bitter cold through the downtown lights until it was time for the annual Trinity Church Candlelight Carols. Trinity is a beautiful Romanesque church that sits in the center of Boston's Copley Square. Every December, Trinity hosts a carol service for the community. 

View from the balcony

As twilight drains out of the church, the candles are lit and the light spreads throughout every nave and row of the church. The carols represent countries and cultures from around the world, including medieval folk songs and African spirituals. The spectacular surroundings combined with the soaring music of a choir could put anyone in the holiday spirit. 

After the music ended, we re-entered the city to find a pristine dusting of snow.

Our perfect day was complete. Until the next Christmas event...

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