Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Spirit is all Around

We have lived in our own little piece of Boston for almost four years and while it is tiny, it suits us entirely.

However, I have reached an impasse in one case. It seems I have accumulated too many Christmas / winter holiday decorations to fit them all into 560 square feet. It is a delicious problem.

Construction crafts are in

Christmas tree, 'yule log' stockings, snowflakes, oh my

There's too many ornaments on the tree already...

Sparkles...and my lens

Mini dishwasher deco!

Very old family advent calendar. Mouse!

Baron Kingsley the 1st of Berkshire, our resident elf
I only bought one new thing this year (giant sparkly pinecones) but I really can't buy anything else until we upgrade. Unless of course I get rid of some of my clothes...

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