Friday, December 6, 2013

Ugly Sweater Party

In honor of the festive season, I like to institute craft and baking nights in the lead up to Christmas. Tonight's activity combines both into one handy project.

Sparkly camera filter?

My mom bought us this 'Ugly Sweater Cookie' kit during the marathon eight hour black Friday trip we spent chasing after my aunt and cousin. Who doesn't love decorating cookies?! If only to eat them...


Naked sweaters
We ran out of powdered sugar (and brown sugar and most sugars) the first evening so we had to go back the next night to decorate but this meant our palettes were nice and cool.

Mmm, blood frosting

A worthy palette 

Art in motion

Most proud of my Christmas tree pattern

Bloody hell


I'd say these are spectacular examples of ugly sweaters in edible form, which has to be the best form. We got the kit at Sears, but I definitely saw it at a few other places. 


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