Wednesday, March 12, 2014

All You Need is Love...and Cookie Cakes

Sometimes, you just need dessert and you need it now. Let me present the cookie cake:

You could always buy one from the supermarket but then it is at least a foot in diameter and its harder to handle having that much cookie cake in your life at one time. (You're gonna keep going back, don't lie). And there seems to be some type of perserative in supermarket baked goods that makes me feel a bit gross aftter a few rounds...

This is the easiest, laziest cookie cake in the world. Meh.

What you need:

chocolate cookie mix, and whatever that requires. I use Betty Crocker.
Canned frosting and sprinkles/jimmies/whatever you call those decorative accents. I used funfetti Christmas-themed (hence the green) because it was on clearance. Judge away.

1. Make the cookie dough. Eat some. Immediately split it in half (or thirds) and put half in the freezer. 
2. Squish remaining dough into vague roundish shape. Bake according to package directions.  
3. Let cool. No really, it needs to cool. All the way.
4. FROST! As much as you can get on there. I actually piped my canned frosting on so I felt like I was making some sort of an effort. Add any other decorations you may want.
5. Display on a board, ala Jamie Oliver. Cut and serve.

Amaze your friends, astonish your family! 
Or, maybe not. But they can't complain or they won't get any cookie cake.

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