Thursday, March 6, 2014

Boston loves Impressionism (...and pizza)

When life kicks off your weekend on a rough note, you go to brunch. Actually, if life is going swimmingly, you should probably go to brunch. Brunch is where it's at: either side of the river, Saturday, Sunday, or every weekend, do it. Go to brunch.

Then you can have magical things like breakfast pizza: baked runny eggs, garlicky spinach, brown sugar (!) glazed bacon, and crispy, crispy crust.

You could survive on a serving of this for a week, no joke. Russell House Tavern, check it out!

The Museum of Fine Arts opened it's first guest-curated exhibition, "Boston loves Impressionism" on V-Day appropriately. You could vote online in the weeks leading up for your favorite and earn free passes! 

We popped into see the winners - and the favorites (notice the heart?)

I was very pleased to see what good taste my city has - we didn't go for the obvious Monet 'Water Lillies' - not that there is anything wrong with Monet...

Speaking of Monet...

After a quick spin around, we decided we needed food. I'm a sucker for museum cafes, but the MFA's is in a glass artium between the original museum and the new wing and is incredible.

Give me free bread and I may give you my heart.

We shared some fablulous cod cakes served with bacony, smoky white beans. It was a perfect snack in between all the cooking I've been doing lately. For some reason these cod cakes like being viewed at a strange angle and will not cooperate today...

Weekends around town when we don't have any plans are some of the best times - we always find good food and something to dazzle the senses!

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