Tuesday, June 3, 2014

North American Safari: Parc Omega

We left for Ottawa at 3:30 in the morning, determined to beat all the traffic and make a few stops along the way. After making record time to the border we made a beeline to Parc Omega. 


Parc Omega is a self-guided drive through park showcasing a variety of North American wildlife in recreated natural habitats. You can visit the locals through wooded forest, open plains, rocky outcrops, and wetlands. Even better, you can feed many of your new friends!

Stop at the lodge to grab a bag (or 5) of carrots and get your map ready. You can tune your radio in either French or English to a station that tells you about the park and it's inhabitants as you cruise, but we were too excited to keep our voices down for long.

Carrots, check.

Excitement at it's finest.

You're met at the gate by some pretty clever deer who demand homage before you are allowed through.

There are feeding stations which prove distracting for a little bit...

But this guy wanted to get in and come with us.

There's a variety of deer, elk, wapiki that readily approach cars. Some animals are better viewed at a distance like bison...

and MOOSE (the holy grail of the trip)

...arctic wolves...

...and bears! A Momma and two cubs were scampering about, an electric fence between us and the happy family.

Tenacious Elk does not allow passage without payment.

Or you at least have to listen to one of his jokes.

Is that not a 'get it?!' face or what?? 

Parc Omega is located an hour-ish west of Ottawa and about 2 hours from the VT-QC border crossing (traffic depending). We were there over two and a half hours and probably would have stayed longer if we had thought to pack a lunch...and dinner.

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