Thursday, June 12, 2014

Oh (Ottawa) Canada...

I like to cross the U.S. border at least a few times a year and luckily we are not all that far from the Canadian border. We've been to Montreal a few times but decided to venture further into British Canada. 

Next stop: Ottawa! The capital of Canada with one of the world's most picturesque parliaments, Ottawa turned out to be one of the nicest, friendliness, and quietest capitals I've ever been to.

The neo-gothic architecture of Parliament Hill was astounding. Incredibly detailed inside and out, the buildings combined influences into something that in uniquely Canadian.

The Rideau Canal is the oldest continuously operating canal in North America. The lock system used to move boats up the incline can be witnessed up close - and because this isn't America, you can actually climb on and across the locks...and get way too close to the edge.

We did the free tour of Parliament and saw the House of Commons, which is nearly outgrowing the space.

...and the Parliament library which was beautiful and heavily air conditioned (I'm sure it's better for the books, just not for patrons).

Our very handsome guide stopped us for a viewing of the royal family portraits before turning us loose.

Ottawa is a great place to visit and the weather cooperated so well, I got to break out my new pinafore!

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