Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Franconia Notch: Hiking though Mist and Magic

Moths can appear when you least expect it and disappear in a flash. 

(...sort of like my regular posting here).

But objects, beings, and moments of beauty should be treasured for what they are even if they are fleeting and sporadic.

Franconia Notch State park has drawn visitors in for decades and it is easy to see why. My memories of this lush, rugged mountainous land are tinged with a sense of magic.

There has to be some type of wood nymph or fairy amongst that moss, right?

The fairy folk were busy maintaining the dreamy atmosphere, but I had some human folk along for the hike in the Flume.

I made a winged friend who flitted along the trail with us for a while...

as we continued to delight in discovery of new discoveries around every bend.

You have to stop and take it all in; imagining a time when this was our natural habitat instead of just a day trip locale.

We often forget how much the earth does on its own, unthinkingly, unflinchingly. 

Nature doesn't forget, nor does it slow for any man.

There is a variety of natural wonders to explore in the Franconia Notch state park area. Perfect to get some exercise, spend quality time with friends, or rediscover what it is to wonder, discover, - and even, believe in magic.

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