Friday, September 12, 2014

...the Rest of the Summer

As creatures craving warmth and leisure, summer is the golden season of holidays, day trips, and beach time. In our case this year, it was a whirlwind of working overtime and making ridiculous travel plans to fit in seeing everyone.

We started in Minnesota for a wedding, preceded for a trip to the Como Zoo and Conservatory shortly after reaching Midwestern terra firma.

Fabulous! (my spirit animal)

It's a small 'donation suggested' (free) zoo but it has a lovely selection of animals from around the world. The Botanical Gardens really stood out.

How do you get a job taking pictures for postcards?

The glass and metal greenhouse contained a variety of habitats and groups of plants. I love taking pictures of flora. 

Wedding time! Obligatory pictures (the selfies were just in another league).

It's unfortunate that the blue crabs on A's tie are not more visible here.

After dancing the night away, we took a two hour nap and headed back to the airport. 

We got there before security opened. 

Hit Charlotte right around the time everyone else in the Eastern United States decided to go to the airport and finally got on the last leg to...


We met up with some friends who were kind of enough to let us join them at their perfect pink house in St. Davids.

We immediately went into hardcore holiday mode: no schedules, no pressure, and thus very few pictures. 

This was the view that greeted us each morning.

And it seemed after a life time of planning all the way back to a frigid January day in London, we had arrived.

And where else could one want to be?

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