Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The End of Another Year

Another year draws swiftly to a close and I can't help but wonder where the past four months went. With changes at work and the typical busy fall schedule busier than typical, our trip to Italy in October seems a lifetime ago. 

But when I look at the photos I can easily recall the warm Mediterranean sun, the slower pace, and the history - and gelato - around every corner.

Ancient civilization hovered in the background as modern life unfurled.

2,000 years of human life, from the smallest detail to the greatest accomplishment...

And among all the majesty, the simplest every day things done beautifully and with care. 

Life can be vast and loud but in the quiet overlooked moment, we find the unique, the beautiful, the meaningful.

(And the silly. Life can't be taken too seriously; none of us will get out of it alive anyways).

The passions that drive all humans, from the monumental to the entirely personal give life meaning. And from works of exquisite art...

to the simple act of protecting another creature, it all matters.

So remember that.

 Create, consume, feel,  experience every bit of it - for better or worse - with both eyes open.

Happy New Year!

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