Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Typical Workday

9:00am: First one in the office, it's going to be a good day! Look at my quality programing / good practices / efficiency.

10:00am, Staff Meeting: Least favorite time of the week. Maybe it won't be too painful...

10:11am: 2 hour meeting? Great. Bring it on.

10:50am: I hate this. I hate my life. Is this real life? Why didn't I go into teaching / writing / prostitution?

11:18am: I desperately have to pee. 

11:37am: No, no go ahead my dear colleague, tell me more about yourself. We've only worked together three years, continue...

12:03pm: FREEEDOMMMMMMM. Annnnnnd there goes half my day. 

1:00pm: Oh sweet Jesus, lunch time. A whole hour to watch British tv shows on youtube and eat my body weight in chocolate. I guess this place could be worse...

2:00pm, Committee Meeting: Crashing hard. Why do we schedule meetings at 2pm? Or schedule meetings to discuss all the other meetings we need to have? Hello, my name is Maria and I work for the Department of Redundancy for Redundancy.

3:00pm: Two hours to closing time. Caffeine refill. Actually have time to do work whilst at work.

4:02pm: Scratch that. Facebook needs me!

4:24pm: Boss calls. Sure, I'll get right on that.

4:47pm: Day's over. Get ready to leave and then hide in the bathroom, playing games on my phone.

5:00pm: Peace, suckers. Maybe tomorrow will be better...or maybe I'll win the megamillions tonight.

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